We are looking for teachers who want to aim high and make a difference.

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What’s on offer

Be motivated by highly motivated students

At Alpha you have the opportunity to work with students who are as motivated as you are to learn and maximise their potential.
Our unique learning environment encourages all students to become self-directed learners supporting each other with a ‘students for students’ mindset. In this way you can become a true mentor and educative coach, guiding and helping them to improve.

Challenging you to improve everyday

In our environment, your peers and even your students will constantly challenge you to become a better educator.
You will continuously learn from your peers and your students on how applying a different approach to education can have such a positive impact on the results and life of your students.

A life changing approach to education

We believe in life-changing education. Education that extends beyond the classroom. Education that challenges what each and everyone is capable of achieving and thereby their impact on the world. With no bells, no uniform and students calling staff by their first name, this is just the beginning of how here at Alpha we love to disrupt the traditional learning model for the betterment of our students and staff

Working at Alpha Omega is Life Changing

Your career at Alpha Omega will really begin when you realise that teachers do so much more than teach.  We believe what a teacher is, is more important than what he or she teaches. It’s not just about 123 and ABC.  The influence of a teacher translates way beyond the classroom walls and well into the future. It’s about equipping the kids with the skills needed to thrive in the adult world.

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Here’s a snapshot of some of the benefits:

Learning new methods of teaching

A family environment

Having flexibility

Being challenged every day

Opportunity to be mentored by other teachers and staff

Teaching highly motivated students

The list really does go on.

Champion the

Our mission is to instil belief in our students, nurtured by academic and personal learning, which empowers them to act and make a change to themselves, their environment and the world.

Help shape the future

Some of the world’s most famous people point to a particular teacher as the inspiration behind their success. For Oprah Winfrey, it was her fourth-grade teacher, Mrs Duncan, who she describes as her ‘first liberator’. Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, says ‘There’s no way there’d be a Microsoft without them doing what they did’.


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